About me

My name is Marco Melilli and I’m a web and mobile developer with 4+ years of experience

I’m currently a web developer and Technology Consultant at HPE in Italy. I previously worked on Avanade as hybrid mobile app developer.

I enjoy learning and studying all the new technologies, this is the reason why I’m always working on many little projects like mobile apps and home automation. I’m the co-creator of Big Bench App and you can find my open source projects on my project sections or on my github.

Obtained my Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Palermo , Italy. My thesis project involved developing a tracking system with low cost sensors (inertial measurement unit).

Grew up and studied in Palermo, Italy; I lived for a while in A Coruna (Spain) for the Erasmus projects during my university years and finally moved to Milan to work in 2015. I love travel, play chess and meeting new people!

You can email me or find me on Twitter if you want to get in touch :)