What I did in my free time:


Extraction is a third person stealth game for mobile, you need to infiltrate in a hostile area and rescue hostages.

It was developed in Unreal Engine and it’s available in the Android and Ios stores

Products Box

Products Box is a chrome extension that helps you to organize all your projects and products.

You can add your projects and create 3 types of actions for every product:

  • Navigation: bookmarks to open new tabs
  • Webhooks: to send http requests to webhooks (launch a build on netlify, a task on zapier, add a task log on makerlog, etc..)
  • Cards: You can create a mini dashboard adding cards with important informations (number of users, revenue, etc..)

It’s was developed in Reactjs, Userbase and Firebase Cloud Functions

Big Bench App

From 2018 to 2021 I worked on Big Bench App, a mobile app for Android and iOS that helped people to find giant benches (tourist attractions) in Italy. The app had more than 15k downloads between the stores and more than 8k of subscribed users. I worked on the mobile app and on the backend, and it was a great experience.
The project consisted of a hybrid mobile app built with Ionic, a backend in NestJs (a nodejs framework) and a website in ReactJs.


Nestjs email authentication

This project is an example of implementation of a user email authentication with Nestjs v5.0, MongoDB and PassportJs

It can be used as base of a nestjs project: it implements API for login/registration of a user in a database and features of email verification, forgotten password, reset password, update profile and settings. It implments a DockerFile to run it in a container. Link to the project. 200+ stars on Github

ATM Bot Notifier

I made a little telegrambot that updates you every morning with the news of the ATM metro. During the day it notifies you about status changes. It could be useful to know in real time if the subway is suspended and quickly look for alternatives.

Link to the channel


I started to develop a homeautomation system for my home using a Raspberry and Homeassistant.


This is my configuration

Four in a row - AI

This project is an implementation in javascript of the algorithm minimax with Alpha-Beta pruning applied to the game Connect Four.

game screenshot It uses EaselJs for drawing the board, as support for working with the HTML5 Canvas element. You can find the project here and a live demo!